Halfway between the French Riviera coast and the mountains, Vence is a charming little town. On the walls surrounding the historic city is located the Auberge des Seigneurs.

Blason du Lion d'Or
The hotel and restaurant, formerly relay station, have been transmitted generation through generation.
In 1916, Baptiste Luca bought the Hostellerie du Lion d’Or. In 1936, he sold it to his nephew Pierre Rodi who decided to add the name Auberge des Seigneurs and then specialized in the fire wood cooking in the huge fireplace. He gave his heart and soul to the Auberge until 85 years old in 1990 when his daughter Danièle Rodi decided to run the business. Since 2007, her own daughter Sandrine Rodi and her husband Claudio Ricci have joined this fantastic family adventure…


Escaliers de l'hôtel Auberge Seigneurs


Salle d'accueil Auberge Seigneurs